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Los Angeles

Metro Tips & Tricks

Good news LA! The Expo extension line to Santa Monica opens today! In celebration of this opening I give you a list of tips & tricks. Over the course of 7 months and after many fails on my part, I have learned a number of ways to make my metro commute the best it can be. So whether you are are commuting to work  or just taking a day trip to the beach (because now you can) I hope these tips & tricks will be helpful to you.

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Eco-Pro Tip // Metro Experience

“Stand clear the doors are closing. The next stop is Wardlow Station.” I boarded the Metro Blue line and took a seat next to a window. The rising sun was peaking in and reflecting a golden glow off the seats. The train car was quiet, some people were sleeping while others were listening to music or reading on their phones. I sipped my hot coffee and put on my favorite podcast. Radiolab had a new episode. Mmmm my happy place.

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Eco-Driving Tips // Changing Our Behavior Rather Than Our Car

Here in Southern California, the car is king. According to Forbes, the average commute time in the Los Angeles area is 32.3 minutes, with many people facing drive times of 90 minutes or more. While public transportation is an option for many, the use of cars continues to be as high as it’s ever been. So what does this mean for the environment? Continue reading “Eco-Driving Tips // Changing Our Behavior Rather Than Our Car”

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