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LA Eco-Village: Changing the Way We Live in the City

The LA Eco-Village is a sustainable community smack in the middle of the country’s second largest city, Los Angeles. The residents living here are committed and passionate in demonstrating how to reduce their environmental impact while also raising the quality of life in their neighborhood. Learn and be inspired by this unique and diverse community who our brought together by their love for our planet.

Watch and enjoy this film by our Co-Founder, Alexis Cornejo, which inspired Urban Treehouse TV.

Farm Fresh // Sustainable Soup Stock

It’s officially soup weather and I can’t wait to dig into my Pinterest board of cold weather recipes. Soup is my go-to feel good food when the temperature drops, and for good reason – it’s full of vegetables and quinoa and all kinds of healthy ingredients to keep your body and mind running smoothly through the winter. Continue reading “Farm Fresh // Sustainable Soup Stock”

Farm Fresh // The Green Boheme – Why Raw?

The Green Boheme in Roseville, CA The Green Boheme in Roseville, CA

Urban Treehouse was invited to dine at The Green Boheme in Roseville, CA along with several influential Instagrammers/Bloggers in the greater Sacramento area this past Monday to get “veg-ucated!” The theme of the evening was “Why Raw?” and Chef Brooke & Team Green focused on teaching us about the health benefits of raw vegan meals. Continue reading “Farm Fresh // The Green Boheme – Why Raw?”

Behind the Scenes // Ingredients Gathering at Alamitos Bay Farmers’ Market

Farm Fresh host, Cristina Joros shows us how to find amazing ingredients from the farmers’ market and turn them into an incredibly delicious Gourmet Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup!

Continue reading “Behind the Scenes // Ingredients Gathering at Alamitos Bay Farmers’ Market”

Down With The Dirt // Indoor Composting – Using Worms to Create the Richest Soil

A thousand worms feasting on garbage in your home…sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Nothing like a bunch of slithering creatures chewing on your old food scraps just a few feet away from where you eat your meal.  Well, Urban Treehousers, this just so happens to be the basic formula of an eco-friendly compost bin! Continue reading “Down With The Dirt // Indoor Composting – Using Worms to Create the Richest Soil”

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