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Eco-Pro Tip // Natural Makeup Brush Cleanser

Giving your makeup brushes a nice, natural cleansing might be easier than you think! The other day when I was cleaning out my bathroom supplies (a rare occasion) I thought I’d also give my brushes a scrub (another thing I don’t do often enough). I reached for the cleanser I had used in the past that is specifically made for makeup brushes, but when I read the label I was surprised to find loads of weird chemicals.

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Conscious Companies // Ana Apple

Ana Apple is a sustainable infant and toddler clothing company located in Old Sacramento, CA. We interviewed owner, Ana Manzano, about her whimsical, eco-friendly shop and the wonderful things she is doing to give back to the community.

Farm Fresh // Sustainable Soup Stock

It’s officially soup weather and I can’t wait to dig into my Pinterest board of cold weather recipes. Soup is my go-to feel good food when the temperature drops, and for good reason – it’s full of vegetables and quinoa and all kinds of healthy ingredients to keep your body and mind running smoothly through the winter. Continue reading “Farm Fresh // Sustainable Soup Stock”

Farm Fresh // The Green Boheme – Why Raw?

The Green Boheme in Roseville, CA The Green Boheme in Roseville, CA

Urban Treehouse was invited to dine at The Green Boheme in Roseville, CA along with several influential Instagrammers/Bloggers in the greater Sacramento area this past Monday to get “veg-ucated!” The theme of the evening was “Why Raw?” and Chef Brooke & Team Green focused on teaching us about the health benefits of raw vegan meals. Continue reading “Farm Fresh // The Green Boheme – Why Raw?”

Farm Fresh // East Sac Farms – Growing Community

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect as I drove down 56th Street. What does an urban farm stand look like anyway? Since Sacramento City Council passed the Urban Agriculture Ordinance earlier this year, I had been anxious to see farm stands popping up around town. But, this visit to East Sac Farms would be my first sighting. Continue reading “Farm Fresh // East Sac Farms – Growing Community”

Introducing Kelly Conroy

We are so thrilled to have Kelly Conroy joining us as a contributing writer!

Kelly Conroy

Kelly Conroy

“I’m so honored to be part of the Urban Treehouse team and I’m very much looking forward to sharing all of the creative, fun, and fascinating sustainability practices taking place in my hometown of Sacramento and all over the world. Continue reading “Introducing Kelly Conroy”

Eco-Pro Tip // Rain Capture with a Bilge Pump

With this weird weather in Sacramento lately, random bouts of rain followed by a week of 100˚ days, it’s important to capture and utilize that rain water! In this Urban Treehouse video, Mikael explains how to use a bilge pump to water your garden from a sealed pool cover. Continue reading “Eco-Pro Tip // Rain Capture with a Bilge Pump”

Conscious Comapanies // ECOlunchbox – Reinventing the Lunchbox in a Sustainable Way

ECOlunchbox is based in Lafayette, CA and was founded by eco-mom, Sandra Harris in 2009. We had the pleasure of meeting Sandra and asking her about the wonderful company she has built over the years. Continue reading “Conscious Comapanies // ECOlunchbox – Reinventing the Lunchbox in a Sustainable Way”

Behind the Scenes // Ingredients Gathering at Alamitos Bay Farmers’ Market

Farm Fresh host, Cristina Joros shows us how to find amazing ingredients from the farmers’ market and turn them into an incredibly delicious Gourmet Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup!

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