Since we’re in the midst of building a tiny house this holiday season, I’ve been much more aware of how little space we will have for things in the near future. As a result, giving non-accumulating gifts is on my radar. Here are a few sustainable gift giving options!

  1. The Gift of Wellness: This is a great time to either ask for or give the gift of wellness. It’s especially wonderful to get a massage in the cold winter months. Personally, I’ve been wanting to try acupuncture for the longest time, but never have. I put it on my Christmas list this year! Other options include; Reiki, a facial, eco-friendly manicure/pedicure, a zumba/cardio dance class, etc. You should know ahead of time whether or not one of these options will be well received by a loved one. Chances are mothers and stressed-out worker bees will really appreciate the gesture!
  2. The Gift of Learning a New Skill: My mom is a jewelry maker and had mentioned several times in the past how much she would love to learn how to make her own fused glass pieces. I found a local place that offered classes on Groupon and gifted her the chance to do just that. The pieces she made were beautiful and she’s talked about how much she enjoyed it ever since. She even wants to go back for a glass blowing class, so I’ve got another gift I can give her this year!
  3. The Gift of a Fun Activity: A follow up to the last one, Groupon/Living Social are great places to find fun activities for your loved one’s to do on their own or even better, with you! Last year, I got a deal for K1 racing for my husband and I. But here’s a tip, make sure you sit down with your calendars and book it right away, otherwise a year might go by before you’ve put it to use. Not speaking from experience or anything…oops.
  4. The Gift of Something Homemade: There are fun things you can make yourself that can be used up. DIY beeswax candles are incredibly easy to make and will be gone when the end of the wick is reached. Baking is another great gift that will be enjoyed and won’t sit around for long. A plate full of cookies seems to be a winner with Santa every year, so it must be a good gift!

Hope this list helps you think outside the gift box! Happy holidays from Urban Treehouse!