The Green Boheme in Roseville, CA The Green Boheme in Roseville, CA

Urban Treehouse was invited to dine at The Green Boheme in Roseville, CA along with several influential Instagrammers/Bloggers in the greater Sacramento area this past Monday to get “veg-ucated!” The theme of the evening was “Why Raw?” and Chef Brooke & Team Green focused on teaching us about the health benefits of raw vegan meals.

Kombucha Kulture & Liquidology Mocktails mixed by Jules & Jeff Kombucha Kulture & Liquidology Mocktails mixed by Jules & Jeff

The event began with delightful mocktails crafted from a mix between Kombucha Kulture’s Kombucha on draft & Liquidology’s cold press juices. They were delicious, healthy and downright beautiful!

Our entrée included a taste of several favorites on the The Green Boheme’s menu, including the Wellness Burger and Living Nachos! Each sample was super flavorful and light, yet filling!

Raw vegan entrée Raw vegan entrée

And don’t forget the dessert! My mouth is watering just thinking about that chocolate gelato, made from AVOCADO! The chocolate peanut butter cup and lemon bar made with nuts and seeds were also incredible.

The Green Boheme desserts The Green Boheme desserts

Another treat was getting the chance to hear about the nutritional benefits of a raw vegan diet from the passionate and talented Chef Brooke. She educated us on the effects raw living foods have on our bodies and how these foods encourage the absorption of vital phytonutrients and vitamins. Several patrons spoke up about how a raw vegan diet has saved them from having to spend their days (and loads of money) taking medication to heal diseases from hyperthyroidism to liver disease.

Chef Brooke encouraged us to at least implement a diet heavy in fruits, veggies and healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocados, etc.) and to see the world of difference it makes in our lives.

If you are in the greater Sacramento area and wish to learn more from Chef Brooke & Team Green, stop by The Green Boheme to ask questions while trying some delicious vegan meals. You can also experience one of their Dine & Demos where they provide dinner, a drink, dessert, a demonstration, and recipes each week for $35! Check out for more info. I highly recommend it!

Let us know in the comments below if you lead a raw vegan lifestyle and tell us about your experience!